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Jan 17, 2007
I have a 722K DVR with a sling adapter. The tech installed a black sling box to a wall outlet with an ethernet cable running to my Netgear wifi router. Lately I have been unable to connect to the DVR using dishonline.
In the DVR menu options it shows that broadband is connected online but dishonline is showing the DVR appears to be offline.

Tech support is unable to figure it out. They had me reset the DVR and check connections but still no go. Said it could be a software issue. It worked fine up until a couple weeks ago.
Anyone else have this issue and a possible fix?


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Oct 6, 2011
@ Mike, just checked my 722k and broadband status is connected. Went to Dish Online and logged in, checked DVR and it said not connected. Has been an ongoing thing for a couple weeks now. Miss the simplicity of Dish Remote Access as well as the extended guide and filters. Read a couple posts down the list this morning that there is a new firmware update coming up tomorrow. Maybe that will fix it but I suspect is a Dish Online problem. Don't worry, isn't just you.

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