722k dvr recording on TV 1, but not TV 2


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Sep 18, 2010
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Okay, here's one I'll bet you've never heard: We got Dish Network 4 months ago. Everything worked fine for 3 months. Then suddenly, anything I tried on TV 2 to a) play back; b) record; or c) check the guide, would suddenly cause it to freeze and shut down. Eventually it would restart, but I would always lose 10-15 minutes of the program. Sometimes I would look and the program would be broken up into 3-4 parts, depending on length. This would ONLY happen on TV 2, and ONLY if TV1 was off. Dish tells me it's a bad hard drive. In the last month, we have had 4 DVRs, ALL with the same problem (and they always tell me it's a bad hard drive). The tech came out today, replaced the eye in the satellite dish, re-ran new cables, and replaced the box AGAIN (box number 4). We left for about 5 hours, I set one hour programs to record, and checked when I got home. Hour 1 ok. Hour 2 recorded 10 minutes; then 40 minutes (meaning 10 missing minutes). Hour 3 ok. So the problem is STILL occuring. I called Dish and they told me, again, the problem was with the box and I will need a new DVR. This will be my 5th box in one month. I am afraid to use the upstairs tv for anything except live tv because I think it will freeze and shut down again, and I might lose information. Until the new box arrives, I think I have to leave my downstairs (TV 1) on all the time in order to make sure things get recorded. Have you heard of this problem? I'm at my wits' end trying to figure out what it is. There isn't anything I can think of at this point that might cause the problem.
I don't understand WHY it works during the day when I have TV 1 on, and doesn't when I shut it off. This should have NOTHING to do with the performance of the dvr, but apparently it does. And WHY will it record just fine on TV 1 and have the problem ONLY on tv 2, when the hard drive is in one box and affects them both????? I'm beginning to think that they need to give me 2 dvrs, one for each television (or possibly, a priest and a gallon of holy water - haha)....


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Nov 25, 2003
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GET A REPLACEMENT RECEIVER ASAP!! It will cost you $15.00 to replace it through DISH for shipping . This is not normal behavior for the receiver.

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