722K Failure; Need Advice

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Oct 24, 2011
Tulsa OK
I've had this 722K since 2010, and have had no problems. I had it on one day last week, and walked back into the room to see the "starting up" message and nothing taking place. Reset didn't help. Unplugging didn't help. After unplugging it for several hours and plugging it back in, there is a "revving up" sound that just goes continuously. When I hit the reset button during this time, that noise goes off, and the green light on front comes on, but nothing happens.

Is this the end of the line for this machine, with all my saved programs lost?

Just wanted to get a heads up from anyone in here as to what is likely to happen when I call DISH. I am a couple of months away from my 2-year locked-in price period being over. Will they likely just send me a replacement (if needed), or how does that work? Also, is there any special number I should call, other than the main customer service number?

Thanks for any help.

Just read (until the end) the thread that was started on Friday titled "2 year agreement ran out".The phone number to call is in the discussion plus now in my signature.
I believe they still have refurb 722 but think hard about a Hopper 3.I'm very glad I upgraded and was able to hold the dvr fee at 10 bucks(instead of 15).
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They'll probably send you a refurb 722K for $15 shipping. Give 'em a call! They will try selling you a Hopper but if you're firm they'll send the 722K.
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You should insist upon an H3, even at a few more bucks. Why get an OLD, obsolete receiver with a HDD just as old as the one that failed? They probably won’t want the old one back.

At which point, “PULL!”
Is this the end of the line for this machine, with all my saved programs lost?
I sympathize, Mary. I went from a 722 and 2 612's (which were still working fine other than Dish disabling things) to an H3 and 2 Joeys, and I still hate the interface and the voice remote. They both suck!

So... Before trying for a refurbished H3, I would recommend getting another refurbished 722K expressly to swap disks. I doubt that you could do that if you had an H3. From your symptoms, I'll bet the disk in your 722K is fine and you lost nothing. Your timers are probably gone, though.
It's so easy for you to recommend the loss of all Mary's programs. :mad: If you have a way to keep them while going to an H3, then by all means educate us.
OP's name is MARV.

NOT Mary... That's all that rvvaquero is pointing out to you.

Also, IF they transfer their drive from the older 722 to any new 722 Dish may send them, it will wipe itself and marry itself to the new receiver. So, their programs are toast no matter what, IF they can't get their old 722 to boot.

Now, IF you were to advise just swapping the POWER SUPPLY, or replacing the electrolytic caps, THAT would likely fix it, and their programs would be fine (provided the drive truly is fine)
IIRC you may freely swap hard drives in a 722 without a reformat as long as it is on the same account. The receiver only looks at the drive model nothing tells it to format if it recognises the format is already there. I have anecdotally hear of this being done.
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I have swapped hard drives in a 625 and a 722. Both times it wanted to and did format the drive before it would work. It was from an inactive receiver (INOP) to an active receiver, so maybe that's why. I really didn't care.

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