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Jan 15, 2010
Happened 2 times this week, I timer record the Olympics, the menu shows it recorded for 4 hours. When I played it back I hit 'Select' and it showed like ~2.5 hrs. remaining to watch but then it just stopped like it reached the end of the recording. The history didn't show any errors.

Another time I set it to record, I got home while it was still recording and was watching the channel it was still recording, got some kind of interference on that channel and then noticed the record light was no longer on. One difference between this problem and the above issue is the menu showed the actual time that it recorded for (1 hr. 53 min), not the 2 hrs. it was set for.
The history showed it was stopped by User 1.

The only common thing is everytime this has happened so far I was recording a local channel.

Anybody else having any issues like this?


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Nov 18, 2003
Los Alamos, NM
You are much more likely to get a glitch on the OTA and that will stop the recording. If you are there you can rewind and record from that point. Weak signals can make OTA recording uncontrollable--only pause and play.

There is another glitch, which I have hit, recording overnight it will stop at +-1 min of 4:12 AM MST/MDT and for others at 5:12 CT or 6:12 ET. This only happens on 61.5W, not 129W. I know I didn't stop it and it will happen even it I am watching it and recording on a second 722--stopped it too. I have removed 61.5W from my DPP44 as you have no control over which satellite will be used and it can be different from box to box on the same dish or on a different night.


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