811 $149.00 and $199.00 Beta test deal


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Nov 25, 2003
From the sounds of it, the people whom have the 811's all have at least one issue with it. I think we were all scammed into paying to beta test the 811's ;)
Is there anyone out there that has NO issuse with there 811? (besides aspect ratios)

Is the screen to dark issue Componet conection related or does it happen on the DVI output also?
Funny, but seems to be all too true...E* probably rushed the 811 out to market to boost 4th quarter financial outlook...
This box should not have been sold with the number of problems/issues that it has. I guess that's what we should expect when the software version number has LAB in it. I'm sorry I sold my 6K for this pile of garbage.
Other than aspect ratio I'm happy. I was about to go out and buy a $400-500 HDtuner for strictly OTA stuff. This is working fine and I'm hoping the aspect ratios for SD will be a update soon.
rad said:
I guess that's what we should expect when the software version number has LAB in it.

Now that is frigin funny :!:

I'll have to look for that Saturday (if I'm lucky).
You all had a choice, you elected to jump, whining about it now is not going to change anything. I think it was relatively safe to assume that the first rev of just about anything these days is a chance, from hardware to software.
I hope u dont think I am whining, I havent even gotten my 811 yet. Just wanted to know some of the issues out there because it seems like there are allot, I have faith E* will resolve all or most of the issues shortly... wish I had the same faith in them to get move HD programing

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