811 Audio Sync Problem


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Dec 5, 2003
I have the Dish Network 811 receiver. I only get 2 OTA stations at this time. On the NBC station, the sound is out of sync with the picture, especially on network programing. It is not as bad with local SD on that station. The PBS station and satellite channels are all ok. It would seem to be a problem at my NBC local station.

Does anyone know what would cause this problem?
When I first hooked up my 811, one of my local stations video was popping in and out. It turned out to be them. It was a Sunday and they do not pay attention to the Digital signal yet as very few can even get it, so you have to call to alert them they might have a problem. I also called a friend to see if he was having the problem too and he was.
Yea, I think it has to be the station. Sure is irritating though. Beautiful picture with out of sync audio!
Same problem here. ABC was out of sync but CBS and NBC were fine. Called the local ABC station and talked to an engineer who quickly fixed it. Also noted that most of my OTA channels are not running 24 hours. Some only broadcast digitally during the daytime and then shut down at night.

What about SD on digital stations. Sometimes the video looks "choppy", like a low bit rate mpeg. I watched the tonight show on NBC last night and the audio was in perfect sync.

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