811 changes the channel on its own


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Dec 1, 2003
Ridgecrest, CA
My 811 has been changing the channel all by itself. No remote, no one touching it.

At first my gf saw it and I was away. But today while watching HBOHD the 811 changed to Comedy Central. And no I was not sitting on the remote. Anyone else ever see this happen?
Try changing the remote ID to something besides the default. Maybe a neighbor has a remote that's causing the channels to change.
I will try that but the way that it happens feels more random.

Now I have only seen it happen once. But it seemed to flash to the new channel, then go back, then go to the new random channel. But maybe thats due to distance of the signal. Will try changing the ID.
Just think how the poor neighbor would feel if you kept flipping it back to HBO haveing a 'remote' war.

Too funny!

I posted the way to change the remote ID somewhere else this week.

In a nutshell...

Press System info on the front of your receiver.
Press and hold the SAT button til the 4 lights across the top blink on.
Let go.
Punch in a number between 1 and 16(except what is on the TV screen now)
Press #
Press the Record button.
SAT button should blink 3 times to confirm change.
TV screen should have same number you punched in.

Thats it.

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