811 Comes With RF Coax. Why?


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Sep 8, 2003
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Why the hell do they include a coax cable w/RF connectors with the 811 when it doesn't have RF out??????? Old/existing cable bundle in stock, I guess. Pretty lame. Give us DVI instead <G>
Because you need the cable to connect to the RF wallplate. :) Not everyone is blessed with extra cables.
Yeah, OK. I guess there are those less fortunate than I out there. Where was my compassion for the plight of others? And this the Christmas season. I feel so ashamed. The ghost of Christmas past might visit me tonight. Aaaaahhhh!
It could be the cable between the wall jack and the antenna input of the 811. I run my antenna through the old cable system in my house, so I use an coax cable between the wall and the antenna input.

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