811 delayed again??


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Talked to 2 different people today, one from RS and the other from Sears and the Sears guy told me the E* rep was in and said the 811 would be delayed til the first of Jan. He is waiting on the 811 as well. The other guy from RS said the rep told him that the 811 is made but is not available 'cause the software just doesn't work for HD programming and he said it would be Feb. He also said that they are getting very close to being out of the 6000 receivers too. My goodness......is this just crazy???? By the time this thing comes out every channel will be HD and we shouldn't have to pay for an HD pak...that's good news.....plus I JUST SAVED A TON OF MONEY ON CSR INSURANCE(HA HA HA)
But Radio Shack and Sears both work on commision.

Maybe it is that there store or chain cant get the 811 in and they want to sell you a 6000 instead so they can get paid.

Where other stores/chains can get them
I always take what the sales folks at such stores say with several helpings of salt. They're often uninformed or mis-informed. I usually ask salespeople a few questions that I know the answer to just to get a sense of their level of knowledge before asking the one I really want answered.
I'm one of the many with ticket in hand waiting for the 811 deal to materialize. I called this AM to try and wedge some info, The E* company line is still December 1, and they're sticking to their guns on it. I'll believe it when I see it, but I'm hoping for paydirt!
I would agree, but the two guys I talked to weren't trying to sell me anything, they are actually a couple of friends that I can get info from. I trust them more than I do any silly ol' CSR. My friend at Sears is waiting for the elusive 811 as well.
From what I am told Sears will get there after an initial rollout to retailers.

From a retailers standpoint we are still being told that the 811 will be available on 12/1.
Sears 811 price

The Sears website price for the 811 ($999) has to be a misprint, because on the same web page they have the 921 also for $999. Is Sears going to sell both the 811 and the 921 for the same price? I doubt it.
Sears does have the flyers with the 811 deal in it ...ya know the $49.99 then credit of $49.99 on 1st bill.....but they don't have it priced by itself.
I just called the Denver Dist. of Echo and they said they will be in next week. He also stated they are getting 500 units.

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