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Pub Member / Supporter
Pub Member / Supporter
Dec 3, 2003
Well I came home this evening to find my 811 dead! No power at all. Tried to reset it my holding in the power button and then tried to unplug it for about 5 min. Nothing works. Dish can't have another one to me until tuesday.

This situation with the 811 is just ridiculous. I've been a loyal Dish customer for about 4 years and always tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. But now I've had about enough. The receiver is a piece of crap!

Does anyone know if DirecTV has any good deals for new subs?
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John Corn

The Coach / Supporter
Supporting Founder
Sep 6, 2003
North Canton, Ohio.
Sorry to here that Volfan, samething happened to me right after I got my 721. It died on a Friday and I had to wait till Wednesday before I got my replacement. It sucked because it was on our primary TV in the Family room.....I feel your pain.
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