811 dropping channels


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Dec 13, 2003
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I've read through a lot of the messages and don't know if my two problems have been mentioned.

1. The sound fed to my TV via the normal audio L and R outputs and to my AVR receiver via the optical output is significently lower when in HD. I need to crank the volume up another 10 or 15 db when in HD and then when a commercial comes on the sound bounces back up too loud. Very annoying. These are the same outputs used for both SD and HD so it is happening in the 811.

2. I have twice now, once last night and then again this morning lost some
of my HD channels, CBSHD 9454 for example, and some of my local channels in the 8220 range. A hard reset cures this problem but I don't like or want to have to do this everyday.

I have sent an email to tech support about this and also mentioned the other problems: too dark, guide only 2 or 3 hours, and pic in guide missing most of the time.

I am hoping that a new software download will fix all my problems too but thought I would ask here if others have had the same ones.

Brian AKA Grandude
PS. Loud commercial drive my wife crazy :evil:

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