811 installed. 6000 sold for $500! this is insane


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Sep 7, 2003
On eBay, the 6000 is still going for this much.

My guess is some people are trying to grab the 6000 since they know how to hack the security and it's out of production. The 811 has the smart card built in and it's going to take some time for somebody to come up with a way to break it.
I have sold 2 6000s for about that in the past few months. I know at least one went to an average customer not a hacker.

There is a market among hackers and among end users. With the 6000 and 811s going for $149 its been amazing.

I think that there is a big ramp up in people going HD and a lot of people dont know about the existing customer deal (it isnt publicized) and don't know about the new customer deals.

The hackers hack them and resell them at a premium on the black market for the all access feature!


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