811, Installed OTA and lost Sat channels


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Sep 26, 2003
Burbs of Dallas Texas
I have a 811 installed.

Installed a OTA when into setup and setup my OTA channels. (By the way they look great) But now when I select the guide and a channel like HDNET it let's me select the channel but never displays on the tv.

What am I doing wrong? :?:
Try holding in the power but for five seconds to reset the receiver and if that does not work remove the OTA channels and then put them back in.
Thanks MikeHDTulsa. :D :D Held the power button down for 5 sec and now everything is coming up.

This is why I love this WEB site. I told the local installer about the site when I was setting up my install. He logged onto it and could not belive the information that was available. He told me that this WEB site gave him more information about satellites that he gets from his company.

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