811 local channel capability


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Sep 8, 2003

I understand that with the 811 you can tune the HD local channels with the 8VSB tuner cartridge and I was wondering if the 811 is capable of receiving the channels that are not yet in HD but are in digital format (480p)?
Yes, and it is supposed to also handle ANALOG channels as well.

I can't wait for that feature. Very CABLE like (which in this case is a GOOD thing!) where I won't have to switch to LOCAL vs SAT.
The 6000 does this very well. I recieve all the analog and digital stations over the air via the 6000 (and I assume it works the same on the 811). You just change channels to 006 to go to channel 6 OTA. It defaults to the digital feed, if you want to go to analog you would enter 00600, or a specific digital feed like 6-2 you would 00602 and it pops right there.

The 6000 also does CATV.
But the output to the TV is using the component cables right?