811 Loses 110 sat and requires switch test


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Nov 25, 2003
Hi Guys,

Was wondering if anyone else has this issue, I have a Dish 500 and a 148 wing sat Dish and everytime I have to reset my 811 because it loses audio and it wont come back even with trying to switch the channels or waiting. But then I get a check switch error and It will not see my 110 sat. I have to do the test program for the switch then it corrects itself. This is getting very annoying...

My setup
Mitsu ws55413
811 with DVI output for video set at 1080i
audio output 1 RCA directly into the TV
I've also had this happen a few times. It also seems to happen when switching from OTA to sat (not every time though)
The sound issue happend to me last night only it started making this horrible feedback type noise instead of no sound, at that point the CSR was on the phone because I was trying to get the NBA HD game (which I never did) and she actually got mad at me for the noise. I was just pressing the buttons she was telling me to then bam... I thought it was funny and just wanted to pass it on to you guys.
Same symptoms here...happens when going from OTA to Sat. The 811 always looses the 61.5 bird. A switch test corrects the problem. A hard reset also will work.


voom seems the way to go.

Defrag HD for 721

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