811, OTA, and Locals Need Advice!

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Dec 1, 2003
I have a Mitsu 55613 with built in HDTV tuner. When I had my OTA plugged into it, I was able to receive all of my HDTV locals. When I plug my OTA into my 811, I am not able to get the local UPN channel to show a picture. When I do a scan for digital locals, it picks up the channel on the scan though. The signal is about 49 through the 811. Also, my SDTV locals look absolutely horrible. I have both DVI and component videos hooked up to the TV. I switched the OTA last night back to my TV to see if I was still able to pick up the local UPN and I was able to. I hooked my OTA back to my 811, did a hard reboot, ran check switch, re-scanned my digital locals and still could not pick up the local UPN through the 811.

My OTA is in the attic and the other channels are getting a signal anywhere from 83-93. I live about 44 miles west of St. Louis where my locals are out of. Just can't understand why my TV can pick it up but the 811 can't

Also, can anyone tell me what the range of the Zenith Silver Sensor is

Any advice would be greatly appreciated



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Sep 8, 2003
Moreno Valley, CA
I guess that answers the question of whether or not the 811 has a better 8VSB tuner than the 6000 had.

Seriously, though, your built-in tuner in your Mits is probably better than the one in the 811, hence the missing channel. You might be able to bring it in if you adjust the antenna a bit or maybe use an amplifier. An indoor antenna will probably not be enough in your situation.

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