811, OTA, GWII & a lot of questions


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Sep 26, 2003
Burbs of Dallas Texas
I just installed the 811 receiver. The receiver is attached to a Sony 50”
GWII through a DVI cable. I have also attached an OTA to the receiver.

I have seen some of these questions answered but it’s still not clear to me. The reception on the OTA is stunning as well is the HD content on Dish. The other Dish channels are so so.

Here are my questions:

1: The GWII TV has a feature that would allow me to stretch the screen.
(Wide zoom, full, zoom etc). When I had a 301 these features worked
on my TV. Now they do not. Why? Is it being controlled by the 811?

2: When watching HD on both OTA and Dish during commercials the screen will change to show black bars on left/right and sometimes top/bottom. Is this because the commercial is not in HD. Also sometimes during football replay same thing happens.

3: Why do I have LIL’s (Local’s in Local’s)?

4: Is it because of the LIL I am unable to type the assigned channel number and go straight to the channel. I have to drill down to through the guide to located the channel

Thanks for any input. I am new to this HD thing