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Oct 13, 2003
I cannot find any full reviews of the 811 (other than brief at show reviews like Scott's)...

I'd like to know the following:
1) Stability of 8VSB vs the 6000
2) Guide information for the OTA Digital stations (is it from PSIP or does it match call letters and zip code or does it have nothing?)
3) Direct OTA Channel tuning - like the 6000 or easier?
4) Pulling up guide while on OTA HD channel - slow/fast?
5) Channel changing speed - slower/faster/same vs 6000?
6) Output strength of the RF SD output - can it drive another TV without amplifier?
7) Other general impressions....
I find it hard to believe that anyone who had it on beta would still be on non-disclosure after the release date...

Generally reviews roll the week before or on the release date for hardware.

We should have a reveiw up around the end of the week or weekend.

Once we have the unit we need a few days to play with it, hard to find out how good it is unless you use it for awhile. :)
NDAs never end. You are forever under the NDA not to reveal that you were ever a part of it. That is what I hear, of course.
Death wouldn' t you want to see the EKG ?

You're may not be a comedian, but it's always good to have something to fall back on! ;)

~Alan<~~~~~~~~~Who may work in the newspaper business, but has talents in many fields!

E* hits a home run with me with latest offer.....

Next Retailer Charlie Chat?

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