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Barry Erick

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Aug 27, 2004
I use the back panel input to watch video from my laptop at times. Last night while watching a AHL game on B2 internet on this input, I got the "Searching for satellite" message several times. It goes down after searching for 1 of 5. It is not up long enought for the 5 of 5. This was the first time and it is not caused by a lost connection or bad connection, that just shows up bad on this input. What gets me is why this cares about anything when the back panel input is used.

I also had a problem last week where the audio went to noise and resetting the receiver fixed that.

I know it is time to upgrade, but I just really had no reason to. I would like the DVR, but don't want to spend that kind of money. And I don't want to rush to the replacement for the 811. I know if I wrote this software, I would check for the current channel before I posted a message.

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