811 SELLING Dec 1ST FOR $50


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Oct 2, 2003
Im sure some of this has been mentioned, but for the Midwest . . .

Nebraska Furniture Mart, the largest electronics store (physical size) in the Midwest, 10 state area.

Two different Guys there both said they will be selling the Dish 811 to new subscribers for $50 Starting Dec 1st. There newspaper ads are already placed.

They were both very exceited, after all Cox Cable here just raised there rates again, and to get Cox with HDTV and HBO HD and Discovery here is now $20 more a month compared to DIsh. Thast about $240 more a year for cable HDTV and they still **DO NOT** give you all the local HDTV channels on Cox where with the 811 you would have them ALL over the air.

One year contract required.
Why pay $50 for it when you can get it from us for $39.99 and get a $49.99 rebate from Dish?

(Plus 3 free months of AT 100 and HBO and Cinemax?) :)

If you want to own the equipment check out http://www.dishstore.net/product_info.php?cPath=21_35&products_id=110

And if you want to lease the equipment check out http://www.dishstore.net/product_info.php?cPath=21_37&products_id=111

Just remember that there will be no 811's available until December 1st at the earliest.

It is "Better THAN..." not Better THEN" Check your spelling and make correction. :D

Yes I already know about the other better deals.

I was posting this becuase big electronics stores are starting to advertise the 811 for $50 IN THE STORE.

AND they have there newspaper Ad already set (hard to change them).

This means it is for real the 811 will be for sale Dec 1st at many of the larger stores.
Scott Greczkowski said:
I would like to see one of these ad's can you post one please, because I don't believe any $50 in the store ads exist. :)
Scott, I posted an ad from Gateway Computer on 11/16 advertising the 811 for even less (of course you had to buy a PDP from them to qualify) but I believe their regular price was $49 for 2 receivers, including the 811 among other options. See http://satelliteguys.us/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3085
The 811 isn't in this weekend's NFM Journal Star add. If they have the add copies ready to go, I'd say they will hit with the Thanksgiving holiday ads.
The Newspaper ads have a Non Discloser agreement on them. No one can post them till they run the day of the advertisement.

If its a Flyer they are hard to pull. If it is on a regualar page they have 48 hours to pull or change.

All I can say is they are real.
Existing Customers

Any deals for loyal dish customers? or are we all left out in the cold as per normal dish policy. :idea:
Guest, E* has said the new receivers will go to new subs first. This was even before their last press conference where Charlie said they needed to get new product out asap. If E* new subs drop off this quarter the reaction by Wall St could be much worse.

If the new sub numbers are good then you will see some deals along the lines of the $99/$149 510 last month. This I thought was a good idea. If you had a receiver like a 6000 that was and continues to bring over $400 on eBay you made out great. If you had a old non Dish pro like a 2000, 3000,4000 or 5000 series at least you got $50 as a "trade in" or you could also try eBay.

I have always been able to sell my old receivers on eBay and buy a new model with a new warranty and make a couple of dollars. I only sold one to a Canadian, my 501 for $235 two weeks ago. It was on a "buy it now" on eBay. I bought a 508 for $149 in August.

I sold my one DishPlayers for over $200 and bought a 508 for $199 when that was good price. I was able to sell two other DishPlayers for over $200.

The only receiver I did not make any money on was my first 2000. I sold it foe $90.00 but when I signed with E* I paid over $300 for it.

When I signed up for E* in 1996 it cost me over $1100 for two 2000 receivers one with a UHF remote, installation, and included prepay for one year of programming. We had about 40 channels. I had most of what was available the Super Stations, a network package, and HBO with just one East & one West feed.

I now have two 508's, two 721's. I also have two unsubed receivers a JVC 5000/DVHS and my original IF 2000.

I guess I better stay away from this site for a while, my spelling and english "is" not very good. It looks like some people just can't stand letting a little goof go un-noticed.

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