811 - Sound Volume Low on one OTA channel


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Sep 7, 2003
SF Bay Area, California
I installed my 811 on Saturday, replacing my 6000.

I noticed that KTVU, Channel 2 on digital OTA has a low volume, about half the level of the other OTA stations.

Is this a known problem with the 811, if so is Dish working to fix?


I notice the same thing. However, if I switch to the Dish-provided signal, the volume seems normal. I also notice that when KTVU switches their digital signal over to the ED network feed at 8pm, the volume goes up.(Not as loud as the analog feed from Dish, but louder than the OTA was during Seinfeld.)

My feeling is that it has more to do with KTVU's digital OTA broadcast than the 811.
I never noticed that my 6000 had low volume on digital channel 2 (KTVU).

I think there is another post on here somewhere, where someone complained about up and down volumes on OTA digital channels.
I was having the same problem until I switched to the audio fiber optics. It boosted my OTA sound to almost the same level as the dish feeds. It's still alittle softer but not much.
Mine is noticably lower until 8pm. Then, it's barely lower. Of course, I'm not saying it isn't the fault of the 811 itself. In fact, I blame most things on the 811, including hair loss and weight gain.

(BTW, I already use a Toslink cable, and my 811 audio is set for Dolby Digital/PCM.)
I have not noticed low volume on any HD either the Satellite HD or OTA HD.

I just have low volume on the one OTA digital channel (the analog version seems fine, and all other (about 16) digital OTAs seem fine.
The volume of my 811 is always about 1/2 of normal (OTA) analog channels. I guess I just figured that's life until I read this thread. There's enough of a difference that the dog will jump if I don't remember to turn down the volume when switching from the 811.

Kevin_Texas said:
I have also noticed the low volume on the HD channels. Has anyone noticed this.
I'm not positive about this, but, I do know that any program broadcasting in Dolby Digital results in a volume level about half of what is normal for non-DD broadcasts. I believe this is because Dolby Digital has a much wider dynamic range which requires turning up the volume, in my case around double, to get a listenable volume for dialog. I'm not sure how most TVs handle this but I have two AV receivers and both work the same way with any DD input.
When I switch back to a non-DD channel it always wakes my wife up and scares the cat.
Like ride525, I only have the low volume issue on the one OTA channel, KTVU (Fox), broadcast channel 56 (IIRC), PSIP channel 2.1

All my other channels are in relative audio parity, regardless of DD5.1 or not. (Or, as our President would say.."Irregardless...")
GaryPen said:
(Or, as our President would say.."Irregardless...")

We are all ignorant here in Texas... just about everyone I know says "irregardless" :D

Just like "fixin". As in, I'm fixin to hit the "submit reply" button.

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