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We are very happy to announce that we have started a 811 Waiting List!

If you want a 811 get on the list now!

(Note - Those of you who were lucky enough to pre order from http://www.satelliteguysstore.com are first in line ahead of this waiting list!)

The way this waiting list will work is as follows.

You must be a Registered SatelliteGuys.US Member to get on this list.

If you want a 811 send an email to: 811list@satelliteguys.us

In this email please note the following

Your SatelliteGuys Member Name.
Your Real Full Name
Your Daytime and Nighttime contact phone numbers
Your email address

72 hours before your unit ships we will call you and get your shipping and billing information. If at the time of the call you if no longer want, or have already obtained a 811 elsewhere please advise us of this fact.

There are NO CANCELLATION FEE'S whatsoever.

After this information is obtained your credit card will be charged for the full amount. Your 811 will be shipped out to you within 72 hours of charging your credit card. (The reason for charging you card in advance is because we must pay for the units in advance)

The 811list@satelliteguys.us is for getting on the 811 waiting list ONLY.

If you have questions please email store@satelliteguys.us and one of our friendly support people will assist you.

All waiting list orders will be served on a first come first serves basis as determined by the time stamp on our server.

When you send your email to the 811list@satelliteguys.us address you will receive a confirmation email back from our server within minutes of you sending your email. If you do not receive one of these confirmation email please email us at store@satelliteguys.us for assistance.

Also please remember that when you buy your 811 from the SatelliteGuysStore a portion of the profit goes to help support this site.

Thank you for your support!
There is confusion about that, it has been announced at being $399 and then on the last Charlie Chat he (Charlie Ergen) said it would be $499.

In trying to find out what going on I have been told by a few its $399 and others its $499.

I wish we had a clear answer, the sad thing is I don't think Echostar even knows what they are going to charge. (Grrr) :)
811 -522 dish deal for new customers

So how do you go about getting the new 811-522 dish deal i saw on this site ..I got the Certificate from your site.What next
confused as well...

Is a spot on the list needed for new subs whom are getting the 39.99 deal? Put my name on the list on the off chance... :)

If your getting the DHP or FREE Dish deal you do not need to sign up for the waiting list, as those 821's are coming directly from Dish Network and does not come from our stock of 811's.
811 - Existing Customer

I am an existing dish network customer (direct and not though a retailer). I want a 811 for my new HDTV. I am planning on taking my existing TV with my existing 301 receiver downstairs at the basement (want to keep both the receivers on the account). My dish is up on the roof and I cannot reach it so would need help with installation (switches, lnb whatever).
My question is
1. If I buy 811 from you how much it will be?
2. When can I expect to get it?
3. What else I need to pay for (switches? shipping?)
4. You need to send an installer to my home (for reasons mentioned above), how much will be the installation charge? Do you even have that service?

I tried emailing tht question to store@satelliteguys.us as you mentioned in a post, but did not get a reply yet!

I live in Franklin, MA 02038
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