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SatelliteGuys.US DishNetwork Uplink Activity Report - 9/4/2012 10:17pm - 2 changes

Uplink Comparison Range: 09/04/2012 10:01P - 09/04/2012 10:16P

Channel Package Flag Changes:
492 - FREAK [MPEG2 SD] - EchoStar11 110W TP 16 ConUS beam changed package flags (A)
492 - FREAK [MPEG4 SD] - Nimiq5 72.7W TP 21 ConUS beam changed package flags (A)

Channels in the system: 8696
(A) = Available to subscribers
(NA) = Not Available
(H) = Hidden from non-subscribers
(FP) = Free Preview

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May 20, 2009
Campbell, TX
I just checked the guide to see what this channel is, well since it's in the porn channel range i figure it would be a porn channel, i check the listings and here's what it says on the listing, "Interactive Live Sex 24/7".

And the program description says this:
the hottest girls broadcasting live direct from their homes to your TV, chat and tell models what to do during amazing LIVE sex shows!
So looks like we have webcam live sex shows style porn on PPV TV now. I don't know how the live sex show watcher is gonna direct with their remotes instead of keyboard like on those kinds of sites.


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Sep 4, 2008
Adults Get A Fantasy Ride With Dish Network by Andrew Cleark

Let us have a quick look over the DISH Network channels on adult programming.
• Playboy TV - this is a premium channel which showcases late night movies, wild reality shows, late night specials and much more. It enables the viewers to get indulged in the passion and fun which is characteristic of the Playboy brand.
• XCITE- This channel lets you to get indulged in your wild fantasies. It features amazing starlets in high quality adult films without any inhibitions.

• Freaky- This channel offers devilish and extremely dirty programs that are not easy to handle and are definitely going to tickle you.

• Fresh- It focuses on hot, new girls and fresh themes and it includes the newest performers in the business, amateur, pathbreaking series, reality shows and more.
• Juicy- As suggested by the name, this channel is brimming with exotic beauties with lots of oomph. This channel is characterized by the fusion of high speed variety in all action playlists.
• Reality Kings TV- This channel brings an entirely novel TV experience. It shows a variety of wild, funny, sensual situations in very fast paced programs. The cameras are suitably positioned to capture wild moments.
• Hustler TV- It is the most prominent name in adult entertainment and brings the hottest, most exclusive movies on the TV screen. It has a tantalizing mix of movies that titillates you and makes you crave for you.
• XTSY -It is a punch of hot premieres, network specials and distinct titles every month. It is a dangerous mix of high-quality production which features the adult industry's top stars and niche studio content that showcases the latest talent. It does not pull punches and boasts of an edit standard which is harder than six pack abs.
About the Author

If you want to get a taste of hot, sensuous, titillating stuff that will take you on a fantasy ride and arouse your deepest and wildest desires then subscribe to DISH Network. Subscribe to the Satellite TV and enjoy a unique TV experience. :eek:

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