921 arrived today....but


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Jul 2, 2004
Hillsboro, OR
After waiting since Jan my 921 finally arrived....hooked it up, switch check, download software, re-boot, everything appeared to be working except no audio! Checked the dobly digital connections, checked the menu setting which was set at default dolby digital/pcm but no digital/pcm audio.... left/right stereo audio works fine...

Checked the optical cable from the receiver and there's no red light...

Called Dish tech support who said the receiver probably needs replaced but all returns had to go thru engineering and he would have them call me back within 24 to 48 hrs..oh well, I guess I've really joined the group...
I'll second John's advice. My 921 was DOA. I e-mailed, received a call in about two hours and have a 921 that will be delivered on Saturday!
Just a suggestion... I found this when I first got my 921... Try unplugging the fiber cable from the receiver (while they are both operating and you're on an HD channel). Make sure the light is coming through the cable... Wait a second or 2, then plug it back in. If the audio reappears, here's the problem...

It was the A/V receiver. I had an older unit (DD only) that just didn't like it when I changed channels between HD and SD. The optical audio out would go dead. It took me about a week to debug it. Doing the unplug/plug in routine fixed it, but it's not an overly elegant solution :-(.

So I got a newer receiver (it has DTS so it was no big deal), and now I'm good to go. Unfortunately, I had to spend an additional $400 on top of the $1000 for the 921. Oh well.

Hope that helps.

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