921 Delayed Another Week?

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Sep 7, 2003
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Scott G. just posted that according to a contact at DishNetwork it is delayed another week. I hope this is just software. Tomorrow's retail chat may give us some more information.
It is just software. There is one serious bug that still needs to be squashed before it should be released.
Here is my release estimate/guess:
From what I read in DBSTalk, Mark Lamutt has stated there is a bug "THE BUG" in the 921 that needs to be fixed prior to its release. Mark also said that the bug has been reproduced and is being fixed. So I am just checking
every so often for an update to the 921 software. When it goes beyond L1.42, I suspect that the problem is fixed and the 921 will be released.
Ok, what exactly is this "BUG" that is such a big deal. You guys make it sound like Free PPVs are there for the taking.
I had a local Atlanta dealer call this morning to inform me that I was number one on her list and the 921 will be shipping this week in very limited quantities.

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