921 Fatal Black Screen?


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Jan 20, 2004
Received my 921 last night and immediately installed it. I have an existing 508 receiver, a quad dishpro lnb and a Hitachi 57swx20b HDTV. I verified both feeds from my dish with my 508 prior to connected them to the 921. I connected the 921 with component cables to input 1 of my television. After powering up the 921 I was greeted with the dish HDTV emblem that disappeared after a few minutes and then channel 101 remote help appeared. The channel itself did not appear; only the banner did with a black screen. A few moments later the banner disappeared and only the black screen was left. Pressing the guide button, brought up information not yet available or something similar to that with an ok button. Pressing the ok returned me back to the remote help. I was able to select a few other options, like system info (I believe the software was L052), updates (it stated no updates were available), and dish pointing. I setup my 921 for a 500 dish system, but did not do a check switch option. I had 106-signal strength on one input and 113 on the other. I did notice they were both red signal strengths, meaning that they were looking at the wrong satellite (110 instead of 119). I left the system alone for an hour or so and came back. Going to the update(s) menu, I was told an update was being downloaded in 30 parts and it was currently on 29. After all 30 parts were downloaded the system did an install and a reboot. The HDTV emblem returned and shortly after that a downloading information screen appeared and approximately 5-10 minutes after that the screen went black. Now the 921 doesn’t do anything, no remote response, nothing. I tried resetting the unit several time by pulling out and reinserting the card, but the same process happens over and over.

1. hdtv emblem
2. downloading information screen (or sometime a booting… screen)
3. black screen.

I did the reset one last time before going to bed, hoping that in the morning the system would be working. This morning still nothing. I then happened to press the info button and a screen was displayed. It did state that I had the L145 software update. After exiting the menu I was able to bring up the other menus and did a switch check and was able to get strong signal from all satellites. Next I hit the guide button and the channel guide came up but with no channel information. I exited that screen and again the screen went black and now the remote is not responding again. I left it in this mode incase the channel guide was being downloaded, and now I am at work. Is this normal? Do I need to activate the receiver to get channel 101 to come in? Any suggestions?


Scott Greczkowski said:
Were any lights on the front of your 921 blinking at any time?

i do not remember, i would guess no. but not to worry, after coming home the unit was still locked up, blank screen, no remote response, power, hd and sd lights were on. i did removed the card one more time and on the reboot, everything was working including the remote help channel and a few others. i activated the system shortly thereafter and everything seems fine.


The first day is the toughest. Not very intuitive and the manual is useless. Hopefully they will fix this before they hit Sears and the Shack.

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