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Dec 21, 2004
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Greetings everyone.

I have had my 921 receiver now for a week and I am really very happy with it for the most part, but I do have a few questions about the OTA channels.

I have read some of the other posts here and like everyone else posting, I am upset that I would have to purchase Dish Networks local channels in my area in order to get the OTA guide with my receiver. Some posters have stated that the 811 Receiver allows the OTA guide w/o subscribing to Dish Network but the 921 won't do this.

This is a royal pain for me because I don't want or need Dish Network local channels. When my 921 was installed last week, I was told I would either need to add a Dish 500 or, if I wanted the local channels offered by Dish, I would need to install a Superdish.

I opted for the Dish 500 since I already have a great outdoor directional antenna w/rotor. I live in a rural area where I can get 3x the OTA stations DN offers with their local package (I live in a fringe area where I can easily receive 3 regional TV market areas 24/7).

Besides not getting the OTA guide for my local channels with the 921, I have also had the following issue. I am able to set the DVR to record future programs off my OTA HD Channels (using the manual timer setting) but it won't allow me to set the timer to record future OTA Analog Channels. Has anyone else had this problem?

Thanks for all of the posting here at SatelliteGuys. I checked out much of the information posted on here for about a month before I decided to take the plunge and purchase the 921 receiver. The postings here have really helped me ALOT both before and following installation!
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K R Kimmel

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n0qcu said:
You cannot record OTA analog channels.
And the reason you cannot record OTA analog channels is that they are analog channels. The 921 (and all other satellite receiver/DVR combo boxes, including the DirecTV/Tivo boxes) record programs digitally. The satellite SD/HD programming and OTA digital channels are already in a digital format and can easily be captured. OTA analog channels would need to be converted to digital in order to be recorded. The satellite receiver/DVR units do not have the hardware necessary to do this.
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