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We are very happy to announce that we have started a 921 Waiting List!

If you want a 921 get on the list now!

(Note - Those of you who were lucky enough to pre order from http://www.satelliteguysstore.com are first in line ahead of this waiting list!)

The way this waiting list will work is as follows.

You must be a Registered SatelliteGuys.US Member to get on this list.

If you want a 921 send an email to: 921list@satelliteguys.us

In this email please note the following

Your SatelliteGuys Member Name.
Your Real Full Name
Your Daytime and Nighttime contact phone numbers
Your email address

72 hours before your unit ships we will call you and get your shipping and billing information. If at the time of the call you if no longer want, or have already obtained a 921 elsewhere please advise us of this fact.

There are NO CANCELLATION FEE'S whatsoever.

After this information is obtained your credit card will be charged for the full amount. Your 921 will be shipped out to you within 72 hours of charging your credit card. (The reason for charging you card in advance is because we must pay for the units in advance)

The 921list@satelliteguys.us is for getting on the 921 waiting list ONLY.

If you have questions please email store@satelliteguys.us and one of our friendly support people will assist you.

All waiting list orders will be served on a first come first serves basis as determined by the time stamp on our server.

When you send your email to the 921list@satelliteguys.us address you will receive a confirmation email back from our server within minutes of you sending your email. If you do not receive one of these confirmation email please email us at store@satelliteguys.us for assistance.

Also please remember that when you buy your 921 from the SatelliteGuysStore a portion of the profit goes to help support this site. :)

Thank you for your support!
Has E* begun accepting preorders yet from their retailers? And is there any order as to who gets them first (Does Sears or Radio Shack have an advantage over the independant retailer or vice versa?)

I'm trying to make sure I get one of the first ones and am trying to decide which way to go...... I want to get at least SOME HD football his year.
I honestly think the retailers have the advantage here since when it comes to high end stuff like 921's Radio Shack and Sears don't have a clue on how the thing works or how to sell it.

Hey, put your name on the list. Your under no obligation, when we get one in we'll contact you and if you want it you can order it on the spot :)
Fair Enough..... Adding my name now. Jeez, I'm breaking every early adopter rule I've made for myself here (I usually don't buy until the 3rd generation....) Gotta get that HD though......
The waiting list is stores on a seperate machine at my office so I don't have a number for you at this time.

But last time I looked we were doing well. :)
I Have been trying to get info on the 921. Will it require additional hardware, and or additional installation can I just unhook my 301, attach the cable to the 921 and go. If extra equipment is needed what is the cost of that?

Also I have been to two radio shacks, you're right they don't have a clue, they don't even sell the 721, and the manager I talked to said they probably not stock the 921 because it cost to much and they don't think anyone will buy them.
Superdish and HDTVs?

Will satelliteguys be able to supply the SuperDish and either of the HDTVs to be offered with the 921 sometime by Dish for about $2000? The local dealers are clueless about the 811/921/522 etc and have not even heard of the Charlie Chat and Tech Forum.[/url]
How much and will it include install? Also, will i need a superdish or will my current Dish500 set up suffice for full service HDTV (i currently receive Wash DC locals). I currently have 2 boxes (4800 and 508PVR). Thanks
We can do everything you need just tell us what you need when we call to let you know your 921 is available.

No firm prices yet as we know Dish can change their mind on pricing as they wish.

You won't need a SuperDISH for your 921 but you may want one for all the new HD channels that are supposed to be going to 105.

Everything will be discussed with you when we call. :)
John Kotches said:
What about the 811 list? I want an 811 for the short term (until after Tax refund time to be specific),

I was going to ask the same question...and will there be an 811 deal for exisiting customers like me who want to piggy back it onto my 508 pvr?
For info on the 811 waiting list see http://www.satelliteguys.us/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1523

921 Waiting List

I signed-up for your waiting list in January.... How cvan I tell where I am on the list?
921 receivers

i have been trying to get on the 921 list but when i send email it comes back saying satelliteguy is an invalid domail what can i do?
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