921 will be $749 or less if you are patient! *RUMOR WARNING*


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Nov 25, 2003

Yes, this is all rumor, speculation, and innuendo, but if you base a future 921 upgrade offer compared to the 811 offer then it will be about $749. New customers will be able to get a 921 with the FreeDish promo for $600. The 811 was $149 for existing customers and free for new ones. If that amount holds true for the 921, that would make the 921 $749 for existing customers with a 1 year agreement.
Until the demand for the 921 drops to where they are selling out all stock of the 921 they have, they will not drop the price. Once the supply outweighs demand I would expect to see some promotions just like those given for the 811 and 510 receivers, especially once the new DirecTivo HD recorder comes out at a cheaper price.
My sources say the 921 will be $372 for Exclusive customers.

Free for new customers. Anyone need a Club Dish card? I just might sign up my dog.
Well, I have no idea they gave away the 811 like they did. It certainly raised an already high demand and has now caused shortages.

If you are going to have limited supply, let the people pay the higher price they are willing to pay to get it first before you drop the price on it.

I appreciate the offer, but it didnt seem to make good business sense.

For the 921, it would be absurd to offer an existing customer deal, especially since their overhead on this model is probably horrible. The price they were willing to pay to be first. The technology has been there awhile but the manufacturers have been waiting for the component prices to drop so it will market to consumers.

Dish felt they could sell a $999 unit. DirecTV felt the price point was lower...
This is why I said that IF YOU ARE PATIENT, the price should be $749, probably in the April-May timeframe.
jeffwtux said:
This is why I said that IF YOU ARE PATIENT, the price should be $749, probably in the April-May timeframe.

old rules will apply:
big demand = big prices

IF a price war over a D*HD DVR & a V* HD DVR starts, that would be nice.
Remember the Dishplayer 7100. I got it for $100 w/free Dish 500 and free pvr when it was first available. Then the price went up and the pvr function was $10 a month. Who knows what makes what will happen. Jerry
I hope you guys are right. Either way I am trying to stand firm and wait for a few months so I can pay down my CC debt a little. Then I will sell my 721 on EBay and hopefully not spend so much on the 921.
If Dish stays true to form as they did with the 721, I would believe Scott's statement. The 721 still cannot be had by calling Dish and there is no discounted price anywhere (unless Scott wishes to sell his to me (hint, hint)).
The HD Tivo is set for $699 for existing Subs on a one year contract so $749 seems about right since it will have a firewire port.

The HD Tivo has one extra OTA DTV tunner but no firewire port.

HD due now in only 6 weeks ahead of schedual as they got there one major bug fixed last week. It will not have the HMO software though only the 3.x version like they are using now (sounds like the 721 to 821 thing all over again).

I've seen a couple threads on some boards about the HDTivo.

Is there a forum where you're getting HDTivo rumors (facts?) or are you getting it from some other source? What's the link?

I'm now watching (and waiting) for the HDTivo like I was waiting for the 921 6 months ago .. maybe that was a year ago.. or both.. Anyway, I just haven't found much info about it's current status, issues, fixes, etc.

Maybe you're just gleaning bits of info from the minimal threads on AVS and TivoCommunity?
Smith said:
Scott Greczkowski said:
According to contact, no 921 discounts are on the imediate horizion.
Scott ? Is it last Retailer Chat had a slide for Free-Dish-DVR921 with $600 tag ?

The 921 is a $600 upgrade ($649.99 total upfront) for NEW Free Dish Customers. There is no discount for existing customers.

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