921 Wins "The Best Products of 2003"? Go figure!



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If I see the 921 displayed by E* at CES next month and it has not yet shipped I will launch a formal complaint to CES CEO requesting that rules change, making it a requirement that there be a separate category-
Best of show for only shipping new products. and best innovation for best working prototype (921 wouldn't even qualify here). No awards for best idea, non-working prototype, or concept or mock up model as I could win by showing a consumer time machine or a consumer device to turn water into gasoline... imagination gone wild!

The 921 has made a mockery of the CES awards process and I think they should demand a public apology from E* and request E* return the award!
Don Landis said:
If I see the 921 displayed by E* at CES next month snip
I can see it now: CES History is Made! Echostar Wins Back-to-Back Annual Awards For the Same Product!! It was NEW last year and it's still JUST AS NEW THIS YEAR!

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