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Mar 1, 2004
Yesterday when I tried to change channels on the 921 I got an error, lost signal. Did switch test, results say one dish feed is Dish Pro other is Legacy.
They are both dish Pro. Did test again test is ok, still getting errors when I change channels. I have it connected to a Dish 500 & 300 with DP LNBs connected to a DP34 switch has worked fine for about 40 days.
Not when I turn on receiver it shows the Dish Poker Chip logo for a while then goes to a green booting screen & then the screen goes black. I get no video, all the remote buttons & front panel buttons are inoperative except the power button.

I have tried unplugging unit form power reset, holding front panel button reset,smart cart reset all with the same result. I have also connected directly to the Dish LNB bypassing the DP34 with same results.

I cannot get the info screen to come up to see the software version, maybe the new version did my unit in. Dish tech support has no clue or replacements. Anyone know any magic cures?
Leave it unplugged for more than a minute, then plug it back in. After the reboot, if you're still at a black screen, press the sysinfo button on the front of the 921. If the sysinfo screen doesn't come up, then press it again. It may take many seconds before it appears.

When it comes up, if the screen shows errors with your smartcard, you've got a problem. If it comes up normally, then exit the screen, and power cycle with the remote. If still a black screen, then press the HD/SD button once or twice.

If none of that works, your 921 may be dead.

And of course, check your video connections to make sure they haven't come unplugged.
Thanks for the info, I did get the info screen to come up , but so far thats the best I can do. it did show that if had the 149 software.
After many reboots & no success I connected a single LNB looking at 119 to a High Freq Splitter & ran that to the two tuners & did another reboot.
Now it works, reconnected the DP Twin did switch test & so far everthing works. Not sure my method cured it, maybe I said the magic words.

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