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Dec 16, 2003
Toledo, Ohio
I have been waiting 7 weeks since i ordered my 921, and still no sign of it yet... Does anyone know when they are going to be available again? I can't believe that this should take so long. I have never seen anything like this before. Oh well, by the time I receive the unit maybe the price will have dropped. (Wishfull Thinking) :confused:
I talked to the Sears Regional Manager as they advertise it on there web page yet they cant sell it.

He said they can start Taking Orders March 2nd. It is the JVC 921 which is the same as the Dish 921. They are not allowed to take any orders until the hold has been lifted by JVC.

He said they will start Shipping again March 2th with Pre-Orders in stores by March 5th via 2nd day air.

I keep hearing about a QA hold. Looks like it will soon be lifted about the same time that the new HD Direct Tivo is out.
He would not Guarante it because the VP at JVC is going to make the decision to ship based on the new test results from this new release. It is not Sears call. If the test results look good (which it sounds like they do), then the dates are already set in the system.

I was able to confirm that they are doing Dishnetwork Sales Rep training last week and this week at all stores. They are 1 Hour sessions on the new models.

Any yes even though there web site does not have the $999 921 with out the Dish LNB it is in there system.

An no I do not work nor even have worked at Sears.

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