942 - will TV1's component & hdmi drive 2 sets simultaneously?


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Jan 12, 2006
Longview, TX
Since I have had the 942, I have had it's TV1 connection ran to my older bigscreen (no hdmi) via the component connection. I have been using the rf TV2 connection to run other sets in the house. I picked up a new Westinghouse HD lcd set that will be used in the adjacent room. I intend to at least run composite AV cable for the TV2 connection to the new set. I would like to get the HD TV1 signal also to this new set but before I waste time and/or purchase an hdmi cable, I would like to know if these TV1 connections (hdmi and component) on the 942 will simultaneously drive two sets. Has anybody tried this?
Yes, they are both active and will work fine (displaying the same image on both, but it sounds like you already understand that).
Yes, it worked with 942 and works with 622 receivers at my house.
Component connects DVR with Hitach HDTV and HDMI connects DVR with Panasonic HD projector. You can watch of course only the same channel with this setup on TV1 output.

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