$99 HDTV PVR offer???

Rick P

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Sep 9, 2003
Friend of mine called today that still has E* (with a Dishplayer no less) saying they had gotten an 'upgrade' offer from E* (they called E*, not a cold call to them).

$99 for a 100hr HD DVR (that has to be a 921 dosen't it?)
+$25 for installation.
Two Year commitment.

PLUS they said that the HAD TO HAVE THE DISHPLAYER BACK (WTF?) that they bought from Sears long ago (no E* promo involved).

what's wrong with this picture???
Rick P,

Asking for the Dishplayer back is sometimes called a "net price upgrade". It's somewhat similar to getting a trade-in for your old car, except you have less negotiating strength. It's probably a "take it or leave it" offer.

I suspect they're trying to get rid of the Dishplayers out in the field. That means they won't have to support the software, and won't have to take Dishplayer support calls.

Almost surely, they're not offering a 921. I agree the 510 is more likely. If they ARE offering a 921, I'm going to the basement to get my old Dishplayer.

It sounds like a good deal to me. The 510 is a much better box than the Dishplayer, IMHO.
They specifically told her "high defination", that's what makes it so screwy. I'll get more information tomorrow.

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