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Jan 9, 2008
A little back ground I just had dish put in a up grade, for me. Two rooms, install and dvr. I thought I was suppose to get a unit for both rooms. I got one 625. I was asleep! Had worked three days in a row(16 HRs every day), and work Midnights 11:00PM to 07:00am.
My question is what units(DVR) can I add for my second room so, my kids don't keep mine tied up, with recording things? I don mind buying a dvr but what model? Will I have to pay a montly fee? Card?

Thank you David Crockett Sr
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Sep 29, 2006
Bay Minette, Al

The 625 is independent for both rooms. They can record and you can record.. Neither will interfere with the other if it was set up correctly.

You just won't be able to record one channel while watching another. But you can watch a recording while it's recording something else..
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May 16, 2005
Look on Ebay for a clear of charges 501 or 508. You will pay a $5 additional receiver fee but no DVR fee. Assuming that your dish/switch setup is in place, just run a cable from the dish/switch to the desired room and you'll be ready to call E* and get the receiver authorized.
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