A cheap solution for a 2 3/8" OD pole.


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Sep 8, 2003
You can get these items at Lowe's:

(2) 8 foot long 2 3/8" OD terminating fence pole. .055 wall. $7.90 each
(1) 2" PVC coupling. $.71
(2) 2 3/8" terminating clamps. $1.00 each
(1) 80 lb bag concrete mix. $ 2.47
(2) bolt long enough to go thru pvc coupling $1.00
(2) lag bolts large enough to bolt clamps to eve of house #1.00

The two poles can be connected together with the 2" coupling. ID of coupling is large enough for end of pole to be tapped into it with a mallet. Then drill hole and bolt the coupling to each end of poles. Dig hole below eve of house. Insert pole and add wet concrete mix. Level pole and bolt to eve of house with two terminating clamps. My eve is 9.5 feet. Plant pole 3 feet down and it will extend 3 feet above roof eve.

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