A little confused, what would you do?

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Jun 4, 2006
So my install arrives yesterday, and while I like the HD programming much better than cable, I learned that Dish no longer carries Dish HD Latino Packages. I originally ordered the Dish HD Silver Latino package 2 weeks ago, and had an appointment scheduled for yesterday. My channels looked weird as I remember the ones I specifically saw that were supposed to come with my Silver package weren't there. I called up Dish to find out about the discontinuation, and then they tried to set me up as close as possible to what I originally had ordered. Dish HD Silver, HBO and Showtime, Latino basic programming, and locals to find out now its close to 15-20 dollars more than what I had calculated earlier, and to top it off I'm missing FSC and Goltv in english which I pretty sure the original package would come with but I see they took the old programming guide for the packages off the site completely, so I couldn't prove my point. I tried with the accountant reps to let me have what I had ordered since I wasn't even informed of the change while I was waiting for installation and the most I got was some credits for some of the premiums for a few months. Overall not sure if I should feel angry, bamboozle or whatever else. What would you guys do in my situation, and yes I'm a soccer fan and had all the channels I needed with the other package. Thanks for reading.

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