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Apr 7, 2006
I am getting no voices on ABC HD. Any body else with the same problem. I have the problem with the Sat. and OTA.
I was fliping over to my OTA, and noticed a show on ABC that had Ted Dansen in it and there was no sound. All other stations had sound. Flipped back and here was sound!
In the Dallas market. the problem is with OTA TV, OTA 622, and Sat 622. New Ted Danson show and Boston Legal. Music and all commercials have sound but no voice on the show unless you turn it way up.
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I'm in Dallas, same problem with OTA. It sounds like the surround sound left & right is working, but the main front speaker with the voices is gone. The main speaker with voices resumed for me with 10 minutes left to go in Boston Legal, around 9:50 pm central. All is well again.

I remember having this problem with ABC several months ago one night. Oh well!
Had the same problem in Seattle. Sounded like the front and back channels of the Dolby stream got reversed. Fixed itself about 3 minutes into the show.

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