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Sep 8, 2008

For the first time TODAY, I was hoping to tune on ABC East on Galaxy 16 satellite C-band, TONIGHT!!!

What happen to ABC Network feeds, now????

I got the other digital channels, "Lessor 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. They show I have signal.


Is it still up there or did they moved, again???



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Aug 9, 2004
Working here right now. Wife is watching something on ABC on 99W. I just went to check that she was on satellite and 99W instead of OTA.


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Sep 8, 2008
Nope, I can get NBC U.S. Virgin Island, but I tried elevating up and down to
see ABC East, NOTHING. Back to U.S. Virgin Island channel.



I had this problem before, and I think it has to do with elevation
on the 10 foot KTI DISH with the actuator arm.

The receiver is capable to receive 8PSK and QPSK



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Sep 8, 2008
Here's the problem and always has every time when I want to tune in after a LONG, LONG TIME.
That it seems I don't see it when I use my KTI 10 foot BUD with the 34 inch actuator arm, using
GEOSAT PRO HDVR 3500 FTA receiver, I always ends up NOTHING after a long time months,
but I do get U.S. Virgin Island.

This happens before, and the last time was I had to elevate it up or down to get ABC.
Now this time, again, NOTHING. Just U.S. Virgin Island and Lesser channels.

The GEOSAT PRO HDVR 3500 has 8PSK and QPSK capability.

This always happens every once in awhile like 2 or 4 months after I'd watch ABC the last time.

I think that GEOSAT PRO HDVR 3500 may not have enough Polarize power enough

But I bought the Quali TV NDS-71OA box, 2 or 3 years ago,
to slave the GEOSAT PRO HDVR 3500 FTA receiver with the analog GI 650i C-band
receive that controls the actuator arm.
It works on most of my satellites, but NOT with ABC feeds.
Here's what I know of..

ABC on Galaxy 16 C-band, they're on channel

2069 to 2073. H

I re-blind scan it and I got more channels, than it doesn't show ABC.



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Sep 8, 2008
Hi Folks, again....

Let me explain the whole thing, again. : - ))) IN DETAILS.
Maybe you might have a better understanding????

I have a 1- foot mesh dish antenna, KTI 10 foot dish with a
24 inch actuator arm. The BUD is now 15 years old, STILL GOOD.

The problem is when I SLAVE an FTA receiver with the analog
C-band receiver which moves the dish, is that I'm NOT getting
all of the FTA channels, because maybe of the slaving???

3 years ago, I bought the GEOSAT Pro HDVR3500 receiver,
which is made by Satellite AV, LLC.

So, I slave it with the analog receiver that moves the BUD.
It went well, up until last month!!!! : - ((( In October!!!!

Let me start of first.

For example, even it's the FACTS!!!

In October I was going to watch ABC East on Galaxy 16 C-band satellite.

I went to it and discovered ABC has NO SIGNAL!!!!

I got the other channels, by the following....

Cornerstone Network
Lesea channels 1 - 8
Cozi TV
This channel
NBC in U.S. Virgin Island
FOX Puerto Rico
ABC-East - No signal - 4120MHz
ABC-Mountain - No signal
ABC-West - No signal

Now, IF anyone thinks that ABC feeds are still up on
that bird, on Galaxy 16 C-band, then where are they???

I tried checking on the elevation and declination of

And the same problem on Galaxy 18 C-band satellite.


I only got

All of the Pac 12 states games, but it says "NOT AVAILABLE".

And "NO NAME" channels, "NOT AVAILABLE".

if you're wondering how do I slave the FTA receiver to the
analog receiver.......

I bought

Quoli-TV NDS-7014 box that
replaces as DISEqC switch


Perfect Vision PV23-402 splitters.

I bought these 3 tears ago.
Maybe NOW they're probably wearing out??????

I recalled from an e-mail from Rick, who suggested
IF I'm only using C-band, I should just use the LOOP-OUT
by using the cables, one coming from the LNB of the BUD
into the FTA receiver LNB-IN and another cable from
the Loop-out from the FTA receiver to the analog satelite
receiver LNB-IN???? Without needing to use the other
splitters and the Quoli-TV box.

I haven't try this, yet, to see whether that makes the difference.

But I'm so mad with the second satellite receiver made by
Satellite AV, LLC.

However, let me bring this one up to you.....

Whenever I have this problem, I tried out with different satellite receivers
to see whether would the out come be the same as with the GEO SAT Pro

When I tried with the SKYBOX F3 receiver, PROVEN that ABC Netowrk
feeds is on Galaxy 16 C-band and OUTDOOR CHANNEL AC-3 on
Galaxy 18 C-band satellite.

I might have to try this again with the SKYBOX F3 receiver for the TEST.

For some reason, this tells me one receiver is better than the other,
and last longer than the other with some kind of high power polerizer????

Nothing last forever, but you can't always tells when a receiver or
the box or the splitter is going bad.

When I blindscan with the GEO SAT PRO HDPVR3500 receiver, it
showed FAILED on Horizon channels. Or Vertical channels, "FAILED".

Can any of you help???

Wish you're here to see it in person, in Seatac, Washington 98188 U.S.A.

This is the second time I have this problem with the GEO SAT PRO
receiver, because it also provides Closed captioned for me to read
on TV shows.

Okay, hopes that explains it all.

What do you think????

Seatac, Washington


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Sep 8, 2008
Hi Folks, again.

IF you're having trouble understanding my setup, let me explain.

First of, I hears someone just moments ago on the other satellite forum that
OUTDOOR channels Mux is NO LONGER on Galaxy 18 C-band satellite. ?????

Probably it's the DC VOLT I believed very much.
Here how I connect the slave.

First, I was told to connect the cable from LNB C-band
to the Perfect Vision PV23-402 splitter INPUT,
and OUT to analog satellite receiver LNB-IN.
And another cable from Perfect vision PV23-402 splitter
OUTPUT to the Quoli-TV NDS-7014 INPUT box.
It says Perfect Vison PV23-402, 2 way splitter, 2-2300 MHz.
One INPUT and two OUPUTS. Got it???

Sane thing with the other Perfect Vision PV23-40-2 splitter for Ku band. But I'm
planning on removing that Ku band, because I mostly on C-band, often/.

IF you're curious, the model of my analog c/Ku band receiver is
General Instrument 650i C/Ku band receiver, that controls the actuator arm.
Still GOOD. : - )))

So, think of from C-band LNB to the Perfect Vision PVR-402 splitter,
and OUT to the Quoli-TV NDS-7014 bix,

Then from the Quoli-TV NDS-7014 box to the DVB receiver LNB-IN.
( GEOSAT PRO HDVR3500 receiver. Or any receivers I tried out with, like
the one is SKYBOX F3 )

The Quoli-TV NDS-7014 box is 4 x 1 switch
Frequency: 900-2500 MHz
Insertion Loss: 20 db
Isolations port: 30 db
DC Pass:12-20 V = / 500MA

NO DISEqC switch needed.

I tried out the Skybox F3 receiver by removed the
GEOSAT receiver.

I change the channel on the analog receiver to
H or V and change the poery on the GEOSAT PRO.
The feedhorn on my KTI 10 FT Dish antenna is a
Co-Rotor II feedhorn with a NORSAT 8225R C-band LNB.
tHAT'S THEB GOOD OE. : - )))

I hope all helps with answers, and that I hope you understand it???

I had no problem for 3 years when I got the GEOSAT RO HDVR3500 receiver,
until October, this year.

It reminded me of this situation that happened with the OLD GEOSAT PRO,
MicroHD FTA receiver. But I did NOT have the Quoli-TV NDS-7014 box, back then.
Back then I was using the Radio Shack splitters, and with the DESEqC switch.
But that all was in the past. The GEOSAT PRO MicroHD receiver gave up on
ABC Network feeds and etc. similar to TODAY'S problem.

NOTE: When NOT in use, mostly while the GI 650i receiver is turned off, but
NOT unplug, the transponder itself is maybe still running by power, and
maybe the voltage is still traveling through the splitters and the Quoli-TV
Box, and that the GEOSAT PRO FTA receiver is OFF.
That voltage traveling may have tribute the problem when NOT in use?????

All the devices such as the splitters and the Quoli-TV box are on the floor
in between the receivers.

Hope all helps with answers. Hope you understand it all,

Thanks for letting me response.



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Sep 8, 2008
No good...


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