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Jul 19, 2006
I want to make sure I'm getting the right setup for myself and that I have the pricing right, DishBuilder seems like it might be wrong.

I want Dish HD Platinum + Locals... Which Runs:

$99.99 (Dish HD Platinum)
$5.00 (Locals)
$5.00 (Add'l Reciever Fee)
$11.96 (DVR Fee)

$49.99 Activation (Using ClubDish I get this waived right?)
$199.99 (Lease Upgrade Fee)

Basically I have 2 TVs One HD one SD and I want a seperate reciever on each.

The only thing that caught me off guard was I thought that Platinum didn't pay a DVR fee, is this no longer the case?

I also saw you can get $20 (for 10 months) via mail-in rebate. Is this the best promo right now for new customers?

Anything else I need to know or do before I set this up? Any special requests I should make or whatnot? Just want to make sure I get the right stuff the first time if possible. Also any particular advantage to using a local person vs just calling dish? Thanks so much!
Not sure why you would need an additional receiver. The 622 is a dual receiver which will feed both your tv's. However you might be wanting to have both tuners on it dedicated to your HD tv. The DVR fees are waived for the top package so you shouldn't have those. The rebate is a good deal, just don't ecxpect to see the credits start for about 3 months. And yes if you have a Club Dish Number the $49.99 fee is waived... Other than that everything you said sounds about right. And yes it all is the best deal available at the moment.

OH yea.. Local Dealer means local service.. But you need to make sure they are a good dealer. I always believe that you will get better service from someone local. The deal is still the same.
I just upgraded to a 622 DVR HD (from an 811) and went platinum hd. I also have a 522 DVR - SD

This is how my bill is detailed:


So if you don't qualify to the CBS-HD, then you bill would be $115.99 for Platinum HD with locals, and a HD DVR & an SD DVR
If you used the dual tuner function of the 622 for your SD set instead of getting a receiver, then your bill would drop by $6 to $109.99

As a new customer you would qualify for the $20/10months of rebates, essentially giving you your 622 that you pay $199 + tax up front for for free.

As far as a local dealer goes, Dish seems to use who "they" want when you are on the lease plan, for installations, upgrades and service.
I suppose if you have a local dealer that you know is good, you can initally go thru them.

You will need atleast component cables for HD, my 622 did not come with them. People are reporting problems with HDMI ports failing on the 622 so I hooked up component.
Great cables here http://www.monoprice.com
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With HD platinum your DVR fees should be waived, no matter how many DVR receivers you have on your account.
On some people's plan and promotion, locals are built into the price, which should make Dish HD Platinum w/Locals = $104.99. Not sure why it's $109.99.

Also, don't forget that you get 3 months of HBO, Showtime, Starz, or Cinemax for free. And if you want the $49.99 upfront cost waived, give them the ClubDISH card # when you order, not when the tech shows up. ;) If you want a ClubDISH card #, ask and you shall receive. You may receive more than one, though!

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