Acquiring Signal, how long?


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Dec 20, 2003
So I unhooked my 811 from the Dish 500 tonight to run it into a set of diplexers with my roof top antenna. I've got it all hooked back up but now it is acquiring signal... How long should this take? Its only been about 5 or 10 min so far, should it take this long or can it take longer?
should only be a couple of minutes tops.

go into menu, system setup(6), installation (1), point dish(1) to see if you have any signal strength. if not you might have connected the diplexers incorrectly sat on ant. or vice versa. so check them.
thanks gredneck, it was my own stupidity. I checked the connector and BANG!, 5 seconds later I had picture from my dish and antenna. Amazing how paying attention to something you are hooking up can pay off :)

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