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Oct 5, 2004
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hey guys so i have 2 622's that i lease and a regular dvr (a 508)
anyways one of my 622 had a bad hard drive so i emailed ceo and told them the problem and they said they would ship a replacement, anyways later that day i emailed again and asked wether i could get a 722 instead of a 622, and he said that it already shipped.
so the next day i get a tracking number from ceo and when i do tracking on it , it says that that tracking number has already been used . so i email ceo again to tell them about the tracking number and they said that they are sending me a 722. so a couple of days later i have a 622 and a 722.

so all of this would make me having 2 622's and a 722 leased and a 508 .

would they allow this?

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