Adam called me the other day and praised this forum


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Jan 11, 2004
He called to c how the 811 was working and about the status of the dp44 switch..He's not sure about the switch but he did say to watch this forum cause they'll probably know in advance when it's gonna be available..I also asked him if he knew if dish was gonna do some kind of upgrade deal dp34 for a dp44 he said that hasn't been decided yet..But they r aware that alot of cust requires a 4 sat solutiion
Some at Echostar curse the forum other from Dish find it a blessing.

We try our hardest to work with the Dish folks, however sometimes they don't want to talk, which is OK, we just work around them and find stuff out anyways. :D

Dish would be better off working with us though. When we work together and they ask me not to mention something I don't mention it. :) However when they don't talk to me and I find something out on my own from my many inside sources I am going to blab it to the world. :)
Oh, I see. They work with us and you get the info. They don't work with us and we get the info.

I say let them be stubborn. :D
I dont think Dish wants some of their employees/CSR's to know some of the information that we get on the forums because they do not want to release the information to the customers because things change.

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