Adding a DishPVR 508 to DHA account


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Apr 27, 2004
I had Dish installed (DHA w/ 522 and 311 receivers) just a few days ago and have been doing a bit of additional research. I have found this site and it's related resources to be absolutely phenomenal. Kudos!

From the info I have found here, it seems one can use a DishPVR 508 with Dish Network and not have to pay a monthly DVR fee.


1) Is a 508 allowed on a DHA type account (to replace the 311)?

2) Does the 508 have to be permanently connected to a phone line? If so, does it have to be connected to the line that's listed on the account, or the same line as the 522?

The reason I ask question #2 is due to the fact that the phone line in the same room as the 311/508 is a completely separate line from the rest of the house.

Speaking of telephone lines, my 522 is also connected to a different line than the primary telephone # listed on the account. Will this cause a problem?

Thanks for any info you can provide.

Yes, I'm looking to buy the 508 outright. Before I do that, however, I want to make sure I can use the hardware with our current arrangement with Dish Network. No point in spending $250 on a piece of equipment that you can't use :) .
You should be good. Don't be afraid to call Dish to make sure.

You MIGHT have trouble with the phone numbers as you suspect. Again, ask them.

Nothing you are doing or thinking about is "wrong", so no worries about talking to them about it.
Thanks for all the info.

I will call Dish to hash out the finer details and see if there's any problems with the differing phone lines.

Thanks again!


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