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Mar 30, 2005
Hello. I currently have a dish 211 receiver and wanted to add an additional receiver for my bedroom. the dishes i currently have are the superdish and the dish 500. can someone tell me what additional equipment i would need to be able to hook up a second receiver?
I have a dpp44 switch and that wire is going into my 211 so what equipment would i need to be able to hook up a second receiver?
If you already have a DPP44 all you need to do is run another line from the 44 to the new receiver. Very easy
how do i do that? the dp 44 which is in the house currently has the wire from outside going into it and another wire from it to my 211. do i run a new wire outside? do i need another dp44?
The DPP44 can hadle up to 4 receivers. At the switch there is 4 outputs (usually on the bottom of the switch). Run a cable from switch to new receiver
OK, so are you saying your switch is inside? You should have all of the inputs from your dishes coming into the switch. Since you have a Superdish and a separate Dish 500 you should have 4 inputs coming into the switch 110, 119, either 105 or 121, and either 61.5 or 129 depending on your location. Then if you just have the 211 hooked up you should only have 1 output coming out of the switch. So all you need to do is add 1 more line to your other receiver that you want to add. if this is a regular single tuner receiver you don't need anything else. If it is a dual tuner receiver you can still use 1 line, but you need a separator.

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