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Sep 25, 2009
In January I contacted Dish to have an additional DVR (Single tuner, SD) added to my account. I was quoted free install and a monthly DVR fee.

The installer arrived and couldn't install the additional DVR due to the fact that the original installers only ran one RG6 cable from the 1000.4 dish to my house (about 50ft distance) and not two. Since it was the middle of January, and I live in Maine, there was 2 feet of snow, the ground was frozen solid and the installer refused to install the line until the land was thawed.

Fast forward to today and Dish is offering me two options. Accept a "Promotional Offer" where I pay $95 for install + the monthly DVR fee + sign a two year commitment or purchase the DVR outright. I pointed out that the promotional offer was worse then the one I was promised a few months ago but that didn't generate any sympathy.

So, are these really my two options or do I need to continue to call until I find a more knowledgeable csa.
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