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Feb 28, 2005
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I had two 522’s and AT60 with locals.
I traded one of the 522’s for a 622 with the $299 upgrade deal so now I have:
One 522, one 622, HD Bronze with locals.

I’m questioning two of the fee changes resulting from this upgrade:
I am now getting charged monthly fees for BOTH receivers:
“1 RECEIVER 5.01”

Question 1: Should I have the “1 RECEIVER $5.01” charge on my bill?
When I had two 522’s, I had no fee for the first receiver. If they set the remaining 522 as my first receiver would that charge go away?

Question 2: Regarding locals: I thought the old $31.99 AT60 price did NOT include locals, and that I was getting Locals for free as a part of the promotion I signed up for a year ago. I thought I read somewhere here, that if I was getting locals for free I would ALWAYS get locals for free. Or maybe I misunderstand or filtered info into what I wanted to hear (lol). Or maybe that 31.99 was actually 26.99 + 5.00??
So – Should I only have to pay 49.99 for HD bronze and still get locals free, or am I just plain wrong?

I’m planning on calling Dish or e-mailing tomorrow, but wanted to throw this out here for opinions first…

Here’s what my bills look like – “then and now”:

My bill use to say
Digital Home Advantage with America’s Top 60 and Local 31.99
Additional Receiver 5.00
DISH Network DVR Service Fee 4.98
DISH Network DVR Service Fee 4.98
DISH Home Protection 5.99
Dhpp Credit xth Month – Adjustment -5.99

(as expected, that Dhpp credit stopped after one year, coincidentally just before upgrade).

My last bill before upgrade (2/4/06 for 2/19-3/18) changed a little with the price increases or maybe because my one year contract was up.
AT60 + locals changed from 31.99 to 34.99,
and the DVR fee increase by $1 each.

AFTER the upgrade: 522 + 622 + HDBronze:
1 Receiver 5.01
Addl Receiver Access Fee 6.00
Dish Network DVR fee 5.98
Dish Network DVR fee 5.98
DISH HD Bronze with Locals 54.99
Dish Home Protection 5.99

THANKS!!! Sorry so for such a long post – just wanted to get all the info in there!
Lovin' the 622 and HD so far, by the way.


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Apr 7, 2004
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Under Digital Home Advantage (DHA) the first receiver is included in price of programming. Under the Dish'n It Up (DIU) promotion you must pay a $6.00 HD receiver lease fee for that 1st upgraded receiver (622, 411, or 211) and $5.00 SD receiver fee for each additional owned or leased non-MPEG4 receiver. As of Feb 1st, the DVR fee went up from $4.98 to $5.98...just happened to coincide with your DIU upgrade.

Simplified DISH Pricing List (or so they say)
Always Read the Fine Print (as posted by Scott)

Anyway, glad to hear you're enjoying the 622 and HD.
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