additional hardware needed for 811?


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Nov 25, 2003
Hey all I just got off the phone with DIsh and they are comming out thursday to install a Dish 300 at sat 148 due to the fact that there is 1 local station there but the real reason is I wanted it for HD purposes and it was a good way to get it all free, my question is when I actually am able to locate and get my 811 is there anything additinal I will need? can I just put in a normal line spliter since Im adding 1 more reciver (brining the grand total to 2) or is there somthing special I need? Also should I just call DIsh tomorrow and tell them to bring an 811 with them? Will they install it for free also?
Yes, they have to do what it takes to add the dish to your existing equipment. I'm sure if you had them bring along an 811 they would put it in for free.

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