Ads (not part of recording) while watching recordings on the app?

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Jul 13, 2012
North Carolina
My usual routine in the morning is to watch the first part of the "Today" show on DVR on the phone app as I'm getting ready in the morning. To my surprise today, when I started, I got an ad that wasn't part of the recording and that I couldn't skip or fast-forward through. Later, there were FOUR ads that had nothing to do with the recording, that I couldn't skip and I couldn't fast-forward through. These ads were obviously Dish ads.

Very irritating!


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Apr 9, 2006
Was this one of the channels offered only via STREAMING on DA or was it a channel that you were accessing from the DVR at home?

On DA, Dish now has the vast majority of channels on DA as a STREAM from the channel's on-line streaming service (with no pause, skip back or forward features) and very few channels are now accessible via DA live from your DVR. However, if any channel that is a STREAM from the channel source--with no trick play--is one you wish to instead watch from our DVR at home givng you all trick play, you can select RECORD, and now the stream will be from your DVR with all trick play and NOT the channels STREAMING source. Let's hope Dish does not change that work-around--EVER!
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