After 42 minutes on the phone ...


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Apr 19, 2004
Fairbanks, Alaska
After 42 minutes on the phone, all they could tell me was to call back in a month.

My channels were red at the end of last month, so I called tech service. They gave me the phone # for the smartcard people. Didn't have replacement smartcards (Y1), so they would send me new replacements (Y2). The guy said he couldn't turn my programming back on, that I HAD to have the new cards. Before I could have a stroke or "ask" for a supervisor, the channels came back on. Later, I realized a few were missing, I called back, did a reset, and then my networks were back.

Fast forward a few weeks, get Y1 cards. Tried them, but they were cancelled when I called for Y2. Put the blue cards back in for the weekend, and called back to see what they want to do. Todays call: 42 minutes. Lots of time on hold. Took all the numbers of Y1 cards and receiver. They were going to send Y3, and I gave them a different address for my pmb in town, because we have a postal contractor that delivers to the house and not a regular mailman (yes, I actually live at my service address, no "moving" at all). Then they decided, well, lets wait longer for Y2 to arrive, even though they should have arrived on the 4th or 5th and its now the 19th. They said call back in month if they haven't arrived yet, or should my service go out again. Or if my service goes out again!?!

Does anyone know how long the blue cards will continue to work?

And, here I have been meaning to call my installer to find out about adding 110 to my 119 dish so we could get the hd pack. One hassle at a time. At least they managed to deliver (by UPS) my module (more phone fun getting that) before hbohd, shohd, and now cbshd vanished.
I got mine today the 19th according to their mail date they were mailed April 8th so 11 days for mailing. A turtle could deliver them faster from Denver to Texas.

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